The Daily Geek: 'Justice League' In 2015, Charging Iron Man's Suit With Likes And More

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- 2015 The "Justice League" movie is dated. Let's see if it actually happens this time.

- FOUND MY COSTUME! I sure hope I'm the only weird eyeball lady thing at the Halloween party!

- CHARGE HIM UP! If enough people "charge" Tony's suit by "liking" the "Iron Man" Facebook page, we'll get a "sneak peek" at "Iron Man 3."

- THE BEST! counts down the 50 best horror flicks of all time.

- SEX CRIMINALS! Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky are launching a new sex comedy with Image about which Fraction says:

Not to toot our own horns, but there’s never been a comic book like Sex Criminals before

- NANCY LYNCH! Presented without commentary.

- THIS CAKE WILL CHOP YOUR HEAD OFF! Axe Cop birthday cake. Yup. Awesome.

'Til Monday, gang!