Exclusive: 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Concept Art And Season 4 DVD Details!

Ok so if you guys missed any of Season 4 of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," you'll have your chance next week to watch it all over again in the comfort of your own home!The complete Season 4 set comes out Tuesday, October 23rd, and you can pre-order your copy Amazon!

Lucasfilm has graciously given MTV Geek an exclusive image of Count Dooku seen here. It's concept art from the scene where Mother Talzin puts a spell on Dooku.

The box set includes 4 VAM animated turntables which are intended to give the viewer a closer look at the fine details the Lucasfilm artists infused into each asset in order to bring "The Clone Wars" to life.  Sourced from the same animation files used in the creation of the episodes, they are meant to highlight the unique look and style defined by the show - from the design and modeling, to the painted textures and lighting, and finally to the animation and FX  - and present it in a digestible way to the fans of the series.

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