R2D2 And Chewbacca Costume Hoodies For A Halloween Party In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Last week we talked about how easy your Halloween get-up would be if you snagged one of these awesome Transformers hoodies, but we may have stumbled across something even better today. What you see above are a couple of the coolest hoodies in the galaxy, effectively turning you into R2D2 or Chewbacca from "Star Wars" with the simple pull of a hoodie zipper.

The Chewbacca version is covered with dead Wookie hair fully-lined with faux-fur, which is sure to keep you warm here on Earth or on Hoth, wherever you plan on spending your Halloween. Unfortunately, the bandolier is permanently attached, but the accents are embroidered rather than just being printed on. If you're digging the Chewbacca costume hoodie head over to SuperHeroStuff.com and throw them $80.

The R2D2 version may not be as furry, but that doesn't mean you'll get any less attention (the ladies dig Artoo). What's great about this hoodie is that the zipper goes all the way up, turning your noggin into a more Artoo-esque brain bin. Artoo's eye is even made of mesh so you can still carry on a conversation and...well...breathe. Thanks to the fact that no Wookies had to die this hoodie doesn't have any fake fur on it, you'll save about $20 picking it up at 80sTees.com.

What are you being for Halloween? Are you taking the easy way out by purchasing a hoodie like this, or do plan on actually being creative? Share your costume ideas in the comments below!