Will You Help 'Night of the Living Dead' Director George Romero Get A Hollywood Star? [Update]

[Update: Matthew Mogk, the man behind the Indiegogo campaign reached out via Twitter to explain that a portion of the funds being solicited would also go towards taxes and Indiegogo's percentage--all of which he projects will total about $10,000. He says that he'll be updating the campaign page soon with a line item budget later today.]

[Updated #2: In an update to the campaign page, Mogk has laid out $2500 for promotional purposes related to the application process and $10k for taxes and Indiegogo fees.]

There could be no ubiquitous new zombie craze if "Night of the Living Dead"/"Dawn of the Dead"/"Day of the Dead" director George Romero hadn't kicked things off back in 1968 with the original black and white classic. Now "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies" writer Matt Mogk wants your help getting the horror pioneer his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Indiegogo campaign is to raise the $30,000 necessary for the actual star as well as the "big promotional push that will include paid advertising, public relations consultants, and celebrity networking" in order to expedite the application process.

The first part sounds admirable--Romero's been working steadily since he first allowed zombies to overrun a small farmhouse in Pennsylvania, and has been revisiting the genre in one way or another over the last 40+ years. So supporting this horror icon getting the recognition of a star sounds alright by me.

The one hitch--and this is purely the way it's framed in the campaign--is the set of intangibles associated with marketing and promoting Romero's application. I don't think Mogk is trying to pull any sort of bait and switch, but with an effort like this, it's probably best to clearly, line-by-line break down where the money is going.

Romero recently produced a documentary about the horror genre with directors Johanna Wartio McEvoy and Paul Davis called "Into the Dark: Exploring the Horror Film."

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