Limited Edition Watch Created With Salvaged DeLorean Parts!

Since the ship was lost on its maiden voyage, people have making things out of wood and other materials recovered from the Titanic. Swiss watch maker Romaine Jerome is taking a similar approach salvaging bits from a different historical vehicle to make custom wrist-wear, the DeLorean. That's right, the watch you see above was created using actual pieces of metal from the DeLorean DMC-12 made famous in the "Back to the Future" trilogy.

The watch continues Romain Jerome's DNA theme and actually has pieces of DeLorean sheet metal melted in with the metal used for the bezel. Staying true to the DeLorean's iconic design, the rest of the watch uses the same materials used in creation of the original DeLorean body panels, sticking with the brushed stainless steel look throughout.

So, here's the catch. To honor the fact that the DeLorean was first released in 1981, Romain Jerome has only created 81 of these watches (should have been 88). Not only will they be hard to find, considering you'll have to pick one up from a dealer, the watches are also pretty pricey. Coming in at $15,900 each, we're thinking it's time we started stuffing hundred dollar bills in the piggy bank instead of pennies.