Interview: Corin Nemec Can Lose On SyFy's 'Nuclear Family'

Corin Nemec is a veteran of SyFy's original fare, from 'Jurassic Attack,' to 'Dragon Wasps'... But the 'Stargate' and 'Supernatural' star has his biggest challenge to date starring in SyFy Digital's online series 'Nuclear Family.' Nemec plays John, the patriarch of a small family trying to stay together in what seems to be the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. In advance of the premiere, we chatted about the show over e-mail with Nemec, and also snuck in questions about 'Parker Lewis Can't Lose,' because we're oooooold:

MTV Geek: Corin, how'd you end up on Nuclear Family, and what's the experience been like so far?

Corin Nemec: I ended up in Nuclear Family when I was first introduced to Kyle Rankin and Clay Keeley by my Manager at the time. Kyle had this great idea for an independently financed post-apocalyptic web series, which sounded great. I came on board as an actor and producer, and in the end were able to shoot the first half of what ended up being the final version financed by Vuguru.

Geek: This project has had a bit of an interesting life to it, because I think it started as a pilot presentation, then went to being a web series... Do I have that right?

Nemec: Yes, that is basically correct. The presentation was always intended to possibly end up on the web, so to find a home with is sweeeeeeeeeeeet, couldn't be on a better platform!

Geek: Talk about your character John... Who is he, and what makes him unique?

Nemec: John is ex-military, disgruntled, not easy to get along with, but would do anything to take care of and protect his family. What makes him unique? Nothing, he is a normal guy with normal needs and passions.

Geek: What's it like working, as an actor, in a post-apocalypse piece like this? How do you channel your performance when you know there's a nice craft services table and a comfy trailer right outside the camera?

Nemec: The concept of post-apocalyptic is more immediate in this, it is an isolated incident and the characters are trapped in a quarantined zone patrolled by the US Military and controlled by a mad Colonel played perfectly by Ray Wise. But craft service was too far of a walk from set to enjoy much of, soooooooo... No bagels for Nemec.

Geek: My wife and I have a pretty good post-apocalypse plan (mostly for zombie outbreaks, but it's applicable maybe?)... What's your "the world ends" plan? What's your first move?

Nemec: Argentina.

Geek: I was excited to see you recur a few seasons ago on Supernatural, and was bummed to see you taken out so quickly! I know you're "dead," but come on, it's Supernatural... Any chance you'll come back? And what was that experience like, being on the show?

Nemec: Working on Supernatural was a lot like working on Stargate, the whole crew was very much a family, the cast was extremely comfortable and welcoming, all in all it would be an honor to go back on to do more episodes.

Geek: Going even further back, I think Parker Lewis Can't Lose was the first TV show I ever watched that I analyzed and discussed with friends, which led pretty directly to the annoying TV recapper I am now... What's the lasting appeal of that show been like for you?

Nemec: Well, it hasn't aired in the U.S. since 1994, so there isn't much lasting appeal unless you were an avid fan, but I have much anonymity here in the States compared to overseas where Parker Lewis has been in rotation for 20 plus years.

Geek: Any chance of a reunion special?

Nemec: A reunion special for Parker Lewis?! HAHA! ummm... No.

Geek: Getting back to Nuclear Family, any final thoughts, or teases to get fans to check the show out?

Nemec: Well, Nuclear Family is a non-stop roller-coaster ride from beginning to end filled with great performances in difficult situations, all brought to life by Kyle Rankin (my favorite director) and his creative team.

Nuclear Family is online now. Here's the first episode!