Will Serenity Fly Again In Animated 'Firefly' Series?


Earlier, we showed you clips from the Firefly cast's New York Comic-Con panel, celebrating a decade of the show.

Its cancellation is still a sticking point for many fans, who's hoped for some kind of resurrection of their beloved space Western. Well, like the similarly short-lived Star Trek, Firefly might get another life as an animated series, according to a report from The AV Club.

Nothing is definitely--it's all just hints and whispers right now, but during the con, star Nathan Fillion revealed four words which should be tantalizing to any fan of the show: Firefly: The Animated Series. Co-star Sean Maher continued that he was personally aware of a party or parties is actively attempting to get the show made with the support of creator Joss Whedon.

Until someone is actually in the booth recording dialog for the series, this is all still speculation on the part of the performers. But it's got some of you excited, hasn't it?

[Source: The AV Club]

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