'Fearless Felix' Baumgartner Breaks Records During Successful Space Jump [video]

The Red Bull Stratos mission ran into a few delays due to windy weather last week, but on Sunday, October 14th “Fearless Felix” Baumgartner made history as he jumped from a space capsule lifted 24 miles above the Earth by a giant, helium-filled balloon. The jump set a new world record for the highest skydive and you can see it all go down after the break!

The first video wraps the whole event in a quick one minute, thirty second highlight reel of sorts. It begins with Baumgartner still on the ground, being lifted into position before the balloon is set free to make its 128,100 foot climb to the edge of space. Once the balloon and its cargo reach altitude, Baumgartner takes the leap. Check it out below.

That video is great for anyone who wasn't keeping up with the event as it occurred, but what really has us impressed is a POV video where we actually get a feel for what Baumgartner saw on his way down. Apparently, the daredevil ran into a bit of unexpected turbulence, spinning uncontrollably and nearly falling unconscious before stabilizing himself in order to break the sound barrier and make it home safe. Head over to io9 to see it for yourself!

Can you imagine being in Baumgartner's shoes so many miles above the Earth? What a breathtaking, bone-chilling sight it must have been. Congratulations to everyone involved, we're happy you made it back in one piece, Felix!