NBC's 'Mockingbird Lane' Promo Really Pushes The Comedy

NBC's for the cancelled "Mockingbird Lane" is more "Addams Family" than "The Munsters," although it's hard to get a read on exactly how funny it is--especially since we only get to hear stars Eddie Izzard (Grandpa) and Mason Cook (Eddie) with any dialog (and Izzard's line is... not great).

It's a curious direction to go here, especially since both classic series had such distinctive styles: the Addamses were the creepy, darkly funny weirdos down the street while the Munsters were the lovable monsters.

Long shot: will curiosity about the the pre-Halloween broadcast give "Mockingbird Lane" enough attention that NBC might decide to give it the green light? It seems unlikely since, for the moment, the original showrunners Bryan Singer and Bryan Fuller are busy elsewhere. But stranger things have happened.

The "Mockingbird Lane" pilot debuts Friday, October 26th at 8 EST on NBC.