The Daily Geek: New York Comic Con Wrap-Up

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We'll be rounding up all the craziness that is the massive New York Comic Con!

Here we go!

- COSPLAY! You guys gotta see these cosplay protraits!

- THE DEAD SPEAK! We chatted with the cast of "The Walking Dead" live! Watch part 1 and part 2!

- KIRKMANIA! So Kirkman's pretty big, eh?

- A NEW DC! Lee and DiDio dished on DC.

- NOVA! Loeb and McGuinness are launching an all-new "Nova" series for Marvel NOW!

- GUILLERMO! Yup, Guillermo del Toro is awesome...does awesome things.

- DEATH OF THE FAMILY Snyder, Capullo and others talk The Bat.


- SUPERIOR! Spidey gets "Superior."

- AND SO MUCH MORE! Hit up our NYCC news hub for so so so so much more videos, photos and fun!

The Daily Geek is taking a day tomorrow, but check back Wednesday for more goodies.