NYCC 2012: Guillermo del Toro Needs A Lot Of Money To Make 'Hellboy 3' Happen [Video]

We got the Pacific Rim and Pan's Labyrinth director to sit down with our own Steven Smith to talk about what's up with the planned third Hellboy movie, Hulk on TV, and what's happening with his Frankenstein feature in this New York Comic-Con discussion.

During this chat, del Toro talks about casting Ron Perlman as Hellboy, the challenge of raising money for his expansive, end-of-world visions--getting the cash for the enjoyable but underperforming first two Hellboy movies was difficult and even with a story all set, the director says they're well shy of the 350-400 million needed to make the movie happen. Plus, he lays out the current status of the Hulk TV series for ABC as well as some of the in-world mechanics of his giant robots for giant monsters feature Pacific Rim.

Plus, do you want to see del Toro make a steampunk Western version of The Count of Monte Cristo? Because he has a pitch for you.

Don't forget to watch our MTV Geek LIVE! livestream all weekend long at New York Comic Con:

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