NYCC 2012: Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man Panel Gets Superior

The last day of New York Comic Con was--coincidentally--Spider-Man’s 50th Birthday Celebration. To celebrate, a good sized crowd filled a panel room in the Javits Center to find out more about the tumultuous events coming up in Peter Parker’s life. Joining the panel were writers Dan Slott, Joe Keatinge, Kevin Shinick, Cullen Bunn and Mark Waid; artists Declan Shalvey and Ryan Stegman and editors Steve Wacker and Ellie Pyle--all 2343 moderated by Marvel’s Arune Singh.

First up, Singh plugged the free (until midnight) Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Comic, (find out more here.) Then, it was time to talk “Dying Wish,” a storyline kicking off in #698. In it, Doc Ock finds out Peter Parker’s secret: “He’s allergic to gluten,” joked Slott.

After Amazing Spider-Man #700, the title is “canceled” and replaced by Superior Spider-Man, which we’ll get to in a second.

Next, Wacker mentioned that Stan Lee will be answering some fan questions in the back of ASM #700, with news to hit soon.

Singh noted that only two comics will be released the day ASM #700 comes out, that and Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, which deals with the relationship between Doc Ock and Spider-Man. Pyle noted that fans should read #700 first. The books will hit on Christmas Day: “Put away all your presents, and get out your kleenex,” said Slott.

Then Singh noted that Marvel will not be spoiling ASM #700 in advance, though the issue will be sent to retailers a week early. He cautioned fans who get angry at Marvel for spoiling things in advance that if this gets spoiled, they only have themselves to blame.

Next! Superior Spider-Man starts in January, and it doesn’t star Peter Parker. “At Marvel, we like stories that end,” joked Wacker. “Even Cheers ended.” “This is like the Frasier of Spider-Man,” quipped Shinick.

Hedging, Slott said that they’re not saying anything happens to Peter, but couldn’t say what. “Dan has written a book that’s unpromotable,” joked Wacker.

“It’s going to be very dark, and very weird, and through the magic of the Internet that became grim and gritty,” said Slott, clarifying the tone of the book. Wacker added that the original Spider-Man comics were pretty dark, too. “I think Dan’s leaning more into that style than we’ve done in the past,” said Wacker.

Slott then asked the crowd whether they wanted Spider-Man and Mary Jane back together. To cheers, Slott said, “Well they’re back together! And he’s not Peter Parker!”

Talk then turned to Keatinge’s Morbius book, which he couldn’t talk much about - and then to Daredevil, with Waid thanking the fans and team working on the book for all the Eisners and support, and also all the Eisners. Coming up, Waid plugged that Daredevil will be getting help from Spider-Man, and, “The all new, all different Stilt-Man. I can’t believe I’m saying that either!” We’ll also find out that there’s a mystery villain that’s been playing with Matt Murdock’s life since issue #3. Meanwhile, Daredevil provides a new jumping on point, joining Marvel NOW! with issue #23.

After that it was time to chat about Minimum Carnage, a crossover between Venom and Scarlet Spider. “If you like symbiotes, you’re going to get your fill of symbiotes in this book,” said Bunn.

The writer then plugged that in issue #29, Venom moves to Philadelphia. “The symbiote is going to be having some family issues when he gets to Philly,” said Bunn. “We want to expand our world a little bit,” said Wacker.

Talking about Scarlet Spider, Wacker said that things only get worse for Kaine, with him reacting to the Superior Spider-Man. “It’s all building to something big probably next summer,” said Wacker.

Showing off Hawkeye #7, Singh momentarily fumbled the A/V, leading Wacker to quip that Hawkeye would be fixing computers... Then corrected himself, saying that the issue is actually called DVRmageddon, with Tony Stark helping Hawkeye program his DVR. No joke.

Next up was Captain Marvel, with Wacker saying things are building as they go, but will never have Carol Danvers just sitting around. “She can fly!” said Wacker.

Then it was time for Q&A! Here’s some highlights.

- Repercussions from Spider-Men? “No plans to follow up on Spider-Men at the moment, but it was one of the best miniseries of the year,” said Wacker.

- On whether Flash Thompson and Peter Parker will find out each other’s identities: “I think it’s fair to say there have been conversations, but Superior Spider-Man is going to throw a lot of that out of wack,” said Wacker.

- Talking about Big Wheel, Slott joked, “What if there were three more of them, and they made a giant car!” He then pulled out his phone to write it down.

- On The Black Cat, Wacker said that he felt that was the next character they “need to find a path for.”

- On Alpha, Slott forebodingly said, “The greatest tragedy that befell Spider-Man was his Uncle Ben dying. The greatest tragedy that’s befallen Alpha was losing his powers.”

- Avenging Spider-Man will continue with The Superior Spider-Man, and will still be a team up book.

- Will Spidey ever get with Ms. Marvel? “They’re very good friends,” said Slott. Wacker added he loves them together, but he’s trying to fight the urge to put them together romantically.

- On whether Miles Morales taking over from Peter Parker worried Slott on Amazing, Slott said he looks at the Ultimate U as jazz riffs on the main universe, and he won’t let it affect his writing.

- Spider-Man will still be a nerd in Superior Spider-Man. “That’s all we know!” joked Wacker.

- Anti-Venom will show up again.

- “The new Spider-Man will very much be working in Spider-Man’s world, with a new Spider-Man in it,” said Slott.

- Mr. Negative, Overdrive, and Vulture will show up in Superior Spider-Man.

- A tiny kid asked why they don’t make 2099 comics anymore. “You want to see Spider-Man 2099? We’ll do it for you,” said Wacker.

- “The Superior Spider-Man has serious Spider-Man pedigree,” said Slott.

- The last fan talked about having cancer, and how Spider-Man comics got him through a tough time in the hospital, to huge applause from the crowd.

And that was it! See you at the next panel.