NYCC 2012: Grant Morrison Talks 'Multiversity,' 'We3,' MorrisonCon, and Being A Music Video Villain

MTV Geek's Steven Smith sat down to chat with a very dapper Grant Morrison during New York Comic-Con about the writer's upcoming Elseworld-style miniseries, Multiversity at DC. According to the All-Star Superman and Final Crisis writer, the series is a riff on the big alternate universe questions like "What would happen in Superman landed in Nazi-occupied Germany in 1938? Or What would happen if the Charlton characters were more like Watchmen characters?"

During his chat with Smith, Morrison explains that being put in charge of defining exactly what the other 51 universes in the New 52 look like was the big draw of the long in development for him. He also discusses the origins of his recent convention, Morrisoncon, along with his friendship with fellow comic creator and My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way.

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