NYCC 2012: DC's New 52 Panel Recap

A year out, DC Comics New 52 was still a big draw at New York Comic Con, with an eager crowd packing one of the Javits’ larger rooms to the brim to find out news about their favorite A-List characters like Snapper Carr, and Brother Power. Just kidding. On the panel were writers Jeff Lemire, Christy Marx, Adam Glass, Joshua Fialkov, Howard Mackie, Paul Levitz, and Justin Jordan; artists Bernard Chang, Aaron Kuder, Greg Capullo, and Moritat; editors Eddie Berganza, Bob Harras, and Bobbie Chase; and all moderated by DC’s John Cunningham.

After introing the panel, they moved into chatting about their titles, starting off with Justice League of America, which Harras said was a key book in the line. Then in the ‘H’ell on Earth’ storyline in the Superman books, Berganza plugged they’ll be doing something Harras didn’t want them to do.

Next up, Scott Snyder made an appearance to talk about the Batman “Death of the Family” arc, to huge applause - and a big hug from Capullo. We chatted with Snyder about the arc here, so check that out. “It’s the Joker coming back with the most vicious plan he can, but it’s out of love,” said Snyder. Capullo added that he finds the stories terrifying to read, too, as well as that he and Snyder will always work for the fans to, “deliver the best, most bad-ass Batman story we can.”

Then Chase plugged upcoming events in ‘Earth 2,’ which features Steppenwolf, and “the last Amazon on Earth 2.” This was followed by Animal Man - and the Rotworld crossover. Lemire mentioned that coming up, we’ll meet a Green Lantern we don’t know yet, but it was a “fun character to write.” Then in Justice League Dark, Lemire mentioned Amethyst will show up. He also mentioned Greg Fox will be joining Lemire as co-writer for an arc. And in Swamp Thing, we’ll meet Man-Bat, who may be either Batgirl or Batwoman.

In All-Star Western, Jonah Hex will be going to the future timeline on Hex, in 2050, and teaming up with Adam Strange.

Over in Suicide Squad, writer Glass plugged that in the next year someone will die.

Then in I, Vampire, our main hero becomes the villain, and the villain becomes the hero.

In Team 7 #4, Eclipso returns, while in the next few issues we’ll start filling in the gaps in the New 52 history.

“How many of you like stories about kick-ass women?” said Marx next, to cheers from the crowd. “I hope to represent... With Amethyst I tried to do a lot of character and world-building. It’s going to have a Game of Thrones feel to it, be a little darker, a little edgier.”

Next up was Kuder, who Capullo jumped in to say was an electrician until recently, when he got hired to draw New Guardians. Kuder blushed, then talked about the book, saying that it will be about Kyle Rayner trying to collect power rings to stop the evil Third Army.

Then it was time for Q&A!

- Asked about a Fourth Wave in January, Cunningham said, “Timing is a question, but as long as people keep coming back with good pitches, we’ll keep coming out with books.”

- The next question was about a connection between The Third Army and Darkseid’s Anti-Life Equation. Harras deferred, but said they both have plans in progress, so stay tuned.

- There will be more use of the Milestone characters going forward.

- More National Comics are coming.

- DC has a timeline of the New 52, but they won’t be releasing it for fear of spoilers.

- On Ted Kord in the New 52: “Never say never,” said Harras.

- Asked what color lanterns they would be, Lemire quipped, “Puce.”

- The next question was the “Where’s Cass Cain and Stephanie Brown?” question: “One of the great things about the New 52 was that it gave us ways to find, and re-imagine characters. Keep reading the books,” said Cunningham.

- A fan then asked whether the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship would last. When Cunningham was done shaking his head, he said, “You could ask that question about any couple in this room. Yes, it’s going to last... Forever.”

- Asked whether Static Shock will show up soon, Cunningham said, “Big time.”

That’s it! See you at the next panel.