'Masters of the Universe' Movie Gets Its Writer

The march to Grayskull continues as Sony hires the co-writer of The Expendables 2 to bring the story of Masters of the Universe to life.

Richard Wenk is on board as screenwriter for the film after Alex Litvak and Mike Finch took a pass at the story with their script simply titled "Grayskull." The story as it stands draws on the most rote, heroes' journey stuff with Prince Adam struggling to fulfill his destiny, defeat Skeletor, and become He-Man. Hopefully, Wenk and Sony will realize they're dealing with characters named "He-Man" and "Skeletor" and that waiting for He-Man to become He-Man is far less interesting than finding a story where He-Man is challenged in interesting ways.

The project's had TV and concert film director John M. Chu attached for a while now, but it's been lacking a proper story to get started. I wonder if Chu was brought on in part because he gets 3D and Sony is very much in the business of making 3D movies.

[Source: Variety]

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