NYCC 2012: Valiant Panel Teases Crossovers, 'Quantum and Woody', and more!

With laptop batteries nearing death, we headed to New York Comic Con’s one and only Valiant panel. Writers Joshua Dysart, Fred Van Lente, and Justin Jordan; Executive Editor Warren Simons and CCO Dinesh Shamdasani all lent their insight while press dude Hunter Gorinson moderated.

Kicking things off, Simons talked about Shadowman #1, which hits on November 7th. The book is co-written by Patrick Zircher and Justin Jordan. “It’s really going to be Jack’s journey to discover who he is,” Simons said. “It’ll be about exploring corners of the Valiant Universe we haven’t seen before.” He also teased that there may be more than on Shadowman showing up in the comic.

Expanding on this, Jordan added that this Shadowman finds out about supernatural monsters, and has to fight them all in one night... So he’s a little in over his head.

Then it was on to Archer & Armstrong, with Van Lente talking about the return of The Eternal Warrior. “This version is a little more Jason Bourne, he’s brutal, he’s vicious,” said Van Lente.

On Bloodshot, a team called Chainsaw will be coming back to the Valiant Universe to go up against the title character. Then in issue #7, which is a standalone, we’ll get something called “Bloodshot: Harbinger Hunter.” It’ll show what a mission to take down Harbingers is really like.

Then, in X-O Manowar, an arc called “Planet Death” will start off in issue #9, in which the character takes on The Vine--the alien race that gave him his battle armor--solo. The arc will last six issues. “It’s called Planet Death for a reason,” teased Simons. We’ll also see a new armor called “The Commander Armor,” which isn’t as strong as the Manowar, but is still dangerous.

In January, Valiant will release Harbinger #0, which delves into the back-story of Harada. It’s written by Joshua Dysart, with art by Mico Suayan. “It’s about a small boy waking to his powers in a refugee camp in Japan,” said Dysart. The writer also noted that certain plot points in the movie Looper got him scared, because he thought they were going to do something similar to what he’s doing in issue zero. Then in issues #7-#12, an arc called Renegades will function as a series of linked one-shots, focusing on each character in the book.

The next bit was a reminder that Quantum & Woody (classic styles), will be released on comiXology starting on October 24th. The panel also teased that Valiant may be working on a new Quantum & Woody title.

Then it was over to Q&A!

- When asked whether we’d see previous incarnations of Shadowman, Jordan said, “Page one!”

- A fan asked whether Gold Key characters can appear in a ‘Unity’ collection, with the panel noting that the company is talking to Dark Horse about the legal possibilities of using Gold Key characters. It was later mentioned that Unity is not a collection that will be coming out any time soon.

- On new characters, Simons said that they will show up in the books, but for title characters they need to finish going through the vault first. However, Simons also teased there will be some surprising news soon.

- On whether The Boon in Archer & Armstrong is the X-O Manowar armor, Van Lente said that you’ll see interconnections between all of the titles soon.

- There will be a film announcement about something in the Valiant Universe in the next day or two (we now know that movie is "Shadowman," with writer J. Michael Straczynski attached).

And that was it! Everybody got a free comic, and we’ll see you at the next panel.