NYCC 2012: All-New X-Men Panel Takes Mutants Into The Future

As it was set on the other side of New York Comic Con, by the time we--and the entirety of Marvel’s panelists--had made it to the  All-New X-Men panel, the room was already packed with fans excited to hear what was coming up for Marvel’s Merry Mutants during Marvel NOW!

On the panel were writers Marjorie Liu, Gerry Duggan, Si Spurrier, Peter David, Jason Aaron, Rick Remender, Dennis Hopeless, as well as Editors Nick Lowe and Jeanine Schaefer, and all moderated by Arune Singh.

First up was All-New X-Men, which Lowe plugged is Bi-Weekly for the first six months. Lowe also announced that David Marquez would be doing fill-in work on the book for Stuart Immonen, while the main artist got caught up.

Talking about Uncanny Avengers, Remender said that the end of the issue teases, “What if Professor Xavier was evil, and the Red Skull?” He also announced that the Red Skull situation “won’t be going away any time soon.” In fact, it’ll be intermingled with other stories, including a continuation of Remender’s Apocalypse stories, and Kang/Immortus will show up, too.

Turning to Cable and the X-Force, the plot will be about Cable trying to do “one last score” before retiring, screwing it up, and getting chased by the Uncanny Avengers.

Relatedly, Remender will be wrapping up his run on Uncanny X-Force in issue #35. “I hope people only read and remember my book,” joked Remender. “It’s surprising, and emotional, and gross,” said Lowe. “Rick is one of the grossest men in comics.”

The new Uncanny X-Force is from writer Sam Humphries, and features Storm back in a mohawk. “Things are going down, and this isn’t the only book you’ll see the mohawk in,” said Lowe, to cheers from the mohawk loving crowd.

Then it was over to X-Men Legacy, with writer Si Spurrier. “With the passing of [Legion]’s father, he doesn’t really know what his place in the Marvel Universe is,” said Spurrier. “It’s kind of the black sheep of the X-Men family, and gets weirder and weirder as we push forward.”

Next up was Savage Wolverine by Frank Cho, which finds Wolverine fighting dinosaurs in the Savage Land. Schaefer plugged that when the story is done, it will change something fundamental in the Marvel Universe. Lowe added that Cho is already done with the third issue of the book.

Then it was time to talk Deadpool, which has the Merc With a Mouth going after the evil, undead Presidents of the United States. “He’s the scumbag you need,” quipped Duggan. Singh showed off the covers to issue three and four, with Deadpool fighting Nixon and Lincoln.

Moving on to X-Factor, David teased that the twists and turns coming in issue #245 is the sort of thing Marvel would usually spoil three months in advance, in order to get sales. Plus, there’ll be an issue coming up, “Despite no demand for it, an issue focusing on Pip.” Then in #250, David will be launching the “Hell on Earth War” storyline the writer has been building to for fifteen years. In the story, all the Hell Lords are waiting for the seven billionth human to be born, so they can fight to become the sole Hell Lord in the Marvel Universe. This will be a six issue storyline.

Turning to Astonishing X-Men, Liu teased new artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta, as well as a storyline focused on Warbird. Then Editor Daniel Ketchum talked a bit about Gambit, saying there will be more romance, more goofy hijinks, and more shirtlessness. Schaefer chatted a bit about X-Treme X-Men, which features even MORE shirtlessness... This time from Hercules and Howlett.

Then it was open to Q&A! Here’s some highlights:

- Cable will be “putting the smackdown” on Wolverine in X-Force.

- Asked about whether the new renumbering will stick: “When we were relaunching after Schism, we didn’t really focus on this,” said Lowe. “It was a bit unforeseen. I’d like to promise you we won’t be renumbering anything. Our plan is to build books that have staying power. But if some of these amazing writers here pitch an event that changes things, that demand renumbering, we’ll do it.”

David added that he would get rid of numbering entirely. “We have a way of sequencing things, it’s called months,” said David to applause from the crowd.

“The number of the cover doesn’t matter AT ALL, what matters is what’s between the covers,” noted Singh.

- Hope will show up in Cable and The X-Force, and be a main character going forward.

- Asked about X-23, Hopeless said she’ll be showing up in Avengers Arena, with Aaron plugging, “Dennis Hopeless does more for the character Arcade in twenty pages than anyone has done in twenty years.”

- Any plans for Jubilee? “Deadpool kills her. Can I say that?” joked Duggan.

And that was it! See you at the next panel, folks!