NYCC 2012: Mattel's Surefire Toy Marketing Strategy? Batman

The Mattel booth is once again stocked with piles of plastic awesome at New York Comic Con 2012, and more than a few glass shelves have been taken over by Batman-- plus a few of his allies and members of his rogues gallery. The variant suit-heavy Batman line is looking to continue strong with additions like Bane, the Joker (who has been hitting the gym), and a number of Batman figures with all manner of weapons attached. The Batman Unlimited line was also present for the first time since their announcement with the highlight for me being the "The Dark Knight Returns" version of Bruce that is compatible with Mattel's other collector-oriented line, Masters of the Universe Classics. You wanna see all of these various vigilantes and master criminals at NYCC 2012? Then read on!


The 2013 packaging features a larger card than the previous waves and has a nice clean image of Batman on the left-hand side. This Mr. Freeze has been released, although their looks to be some paint differences.

The Joker looks to have taken his homicidal comedy in a more militaristic direction with a buzzed haircut and bandoliers of bullets.

This is bane's first appearance in the Batman line, and his massive venom-infused physique works well with the exaggerated style of the figures.

The "Batman: Brave & The Bold" toy line had a very successful 3 pack that featured Superman and Batman going up against Gorilla Grodd. Now, in the new line it seems Killer Croc is gonna face the blunt force trauma of the Superman/Batman tag team.

Batman Unlimited

The new Batman Unlimited line has some nice packaging that features the same Batman lettering as the logo seen on DC Comics current New 52 comic series. Speaking of the New 52, the figure seen in package is Barbara Gordon as Batgirl in her current costume.

For updates from Mattel on all of their collector-based action figure lines, be sure to check out the Matty Collector website!

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