The Daily Geek: New York Comic Con Edition - Day 5

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This week will be rounding up all the craziness that is the massive New York Comic Con!

Here we go!

- SUPER SNYDER! The man who put his stamp on The Bat is next tackling Supes with Jim Lee! We spoke with him here.

- ZOMBIES! Fred Van Lente brings zombies to Dynamite.

- BUT HOW? Want to learn how to pitch to the pros? Here's how!

- ANNIHILATOR! Grant Morrison is annihilating Legendary with a new graphic novel.

- HALLOWEEN EVE! The awesome Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare talk their new project.

- LIVE FROM NEW YORK! MTV Geek will be coming at you LIVE with tons of great interviews and more starting TODAY!

11:00 - Grant Morrison

11:30 - Kevin Smith and the Comic Book Men

12:00 - The men from Man of Action Studios (Joe Casey, Steven T. Seagle, Duncan Rouleau and Joe Kelly)

12:15 - Dark Horse Comics (Mike Richardson, Joe Casey, Josh Williamson)

12:30 - Robert Kirkman

1:00 - Jane Espenson, Brad Bell, Sean Hemeon

1:30 - Creator from Before Watchmen (Brian Azzarello, JG Jones, Eduardo Risso, Amanda Conner)

2:00 - Matt Hawkins, Ron Marz, David Hine, and Tim Seeley from Top Cow

2:30 - Jim Lee and Dan DiDio from DC

3:30 - Guillermo Del Toro

4:00 - Kevin Shinick

4:15 - Sean Astin from TMNT

4:45 - Matty Collector

5:00 - Seth Green from Robot Chicken

Here's our schedule for the day!

'Til tomorrow, gang!