NYCC 2012: DC's Superman Panel Talks All Things Man Of Steel

The first big comics panel of New York Comic Con kicked off late Thursday night, with DC Comics: The New 52 - Superman, and some big news! Joining the panel were Editors Matt Idelson and Eddie Berganza, writers Cully Hamner, Sholly Fisch, Mike Johnson, Grant Morrison, and Andy Diggle, artist Mahmud Asrar and Tony Daniel, all moderated by DC’s Bob Wayne.

First, some art was shown off from upcoming story-lines, mostly teasing the ‘H’el on Earth’ storyline. Editor Eddie Berganza teased that there may be some new powers for Superman, or possibly some ways he uses his powers we might not expect. Meanwhile, Superboy will end up wearing Superman’s suit, and teaming up with Batman. And in Supergirl, she’ll race The Flash.

Next up was Andy Diggle, who is taking over Action Comics after Grant Morrison. “Very big shoes to fill, and skinny white jeans,” joked Diggle. For Daniel, who is taking over art, he said he was looking for a creative change after working on Batman for so long.

Then it was time to introduce “surprise” guests Jim Lee and Scott Snyder, who are launching a new Superman book in 2013, just in time for the 75th Anniversary of the character. “He started describing this story, and I started visualizing it in my mind,” said Lee. “I started describing the scenes to him... We hit it off, and out of that discussion came the idea of doing a Superman book.” Lee also noted it was a change from Justice League, which was a team book, to working on something solo.

“I just want to say what a huge honor it is to work on Superman,” said Snyder. “We’re going to try and do the biggest, most kick-ass Superman story we can.” He added that it’ll be important to both Superman, and Clark Kent.

Then it was open to Q&A!

First question was about how this Superman was different for Lee, with the artist clarifying that there will be differences with his previous takes, as well format differences with the book itself.

Morrison noted when asked that if he could have done anything differently, he would have done his entire Action Comics arc in done-in-one issues. However, he also added that the last three issues have to cover the entire time five year time period leading up to the current DCU timeline, which makes that tough.

On whether the costume would return to its original trappings for the anniversary, Lee said he felt that, “History is sometimes about moving forward,” with another panelists adding that all the basics are still there.

On whether Superman “died” in the New 52, Morrison said this and other events will be touched on in Action Comics #15 and #16.

Asked about the relationship between Morrison and Snyder, Snyder praised Morrison and said he was, “The most supportive guy,” for Snyder’s run on Batman, as well as his new run on Superman. “I love seeing everyone’s takes on characters,” added Morrison.

The next question was about keeping Superman current. “Our story is about that in a lot of ways, about his relevance in the modern world,” said Snyder.

Last question, an English teacher from Maine told a rather wonderful story about one of his students who loved Superman, and got picked on by all the other kids in school... Until the day she brought in All-Star Superman, showed the page where she saves a girl from committing suicide, and said, “This is why I love Superman.” Not a dry eye in the house, people.

And that was it! We’ll see you tomorrow for SO MUCH COMIC CON.