The Daily Geek: New York Comic Con Edition - Day 4

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This week will be rounding up all the craziness that is the massive New York Comic Con!

Here we go!

- MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! Watch our exclusive sneak peek from the new season of "Transformers Prime"

- FRAK! Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are the new creative 'Battlestar Galactica'

- PARALYZED-ALCOHOLIC-TEENAGER-MEETS-AMNESIAC-CYBORG-ASSASSIN! David Liss launches a slice-of-life/sci-fi/action comic 'Angelica Tomorrow'

- COMIC FLEA MARKET! The new comic distributor will be at the con. From the official press release:

"Many people have tried to compete with Diamond and failed. What makes Comic Flea Market unique is a lot of mainstream book publishers and DVD companies such as Warner Bros. are going print on-demand on some of their titles. Comic Flea Market is doing it for the entire comic book marketplace," said CEO Nick Sachs from Comic Flea Market. "Not only will we be handling the printing of the titles, we will also handle distribution to comic book stores at the same discounts that they are used too. This dynamic will secure the place for printed material in comic book stores."

- HOUSE OF GOLD & BONES! Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Stone Sour is writing a new comic for Dark Horse. From the official press release:

House of Gold & Bones is a unique multimedia experience which includes two Stone Sour albums via Roadrunner Records (release date for Part 1 is October 22, with Part 2 following in 2013), videos, online presence, creative album packaging, live shows, and now the Dark Horse Comics series. Each element will follow and expand on the story. Taylor, already an internationally best-selling author, courtesy of last year’s Seven Deadly Sins, wrote the story—as well as the lyrics for the twenty-three tracks that make up the two albums—as a linear story line. The Stone Sour songs set the tone and follow the action, with Taylor’s House of Gold & Bones comic expanding on the story.

- DANIEL DAY LEWIS DON'T HUNT VAMPS! Check out this NYCC "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" poster.

- LIVE FROM NEW YORK! MTV Geek will be coming at you LIVE with tons of great interviews and more starting tomorrow!

'Til tomorrow, gang!