NYCC 2012: David Liss Launches Slice-Of-Life/Sci-Fi/Action Comic 'Angelica Tomorrow'

Author David Liss has rapidly made a name for himself in comics, working on (excellent) series like Marvel's 'Mystery Men' and 'Black Panther,' as well as 'The Spider' for Dynamite. Now, he's launching his first creator owned work during the hub-bub of New York Comic Con through indie publisher 215 Ink... And here's the pitch for 'Angelica Tomorrow,' as told to me by Liss:

"It's the classic paralyzed-alcoholic-teenager-meets-amnesiac-cyborg-assassin story -- but with a twist!"

That old chestnut? Also on board is artist Allen Byrns, who only has a credit on the 215 Ink book 'The Price' to his name... But given the cover below, I imagine we'll be hearing a lot more about him soon. Here's a more official pitch, and quote from Liss:

Their book, Angelica Tomorrow, is a high school sci-fi romance between a broken high school kid and

an equally – if differently – broken cyborg assassin. Combing slice-of-life humor with action and suspense, Angelica Tomorrow is both an engrossing drama and a gripping page-turner

“When we were developing Angelica Tomorrow, 215 Ink immediately came to mind,” said Liss, “they are putting out a number of amazing and original projects, and I’m thrilled that our book is going to part of that exciting lineup.”