New Zealand Post Issues Legal Tender Coins Featuring 'The Hobbit' Characters!

Back in August of last year we learned the New Zealand Mint was created a set of legal tender coins to commemorate the Star Wars franchise. Now they're at it again, but this time the New Zealand Post has collaborated with the makers of the upcoming film "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" to create a series of stamps and coins!

Speaking to TVNZ, Sir Ian McKellen (who plays Gandalf in the film) said, “"To put Gandalf on these splendiferous coins is a wizard idea."

He also noted how pleased he is with the designs saying, "The pointy hat, the beard and the illuminated staff - the $1.90 NZ stamp is pure Gandalf."

What's most impressive about the coins is that they're actual legal tender, meaning you could walk into a store and buy something with a coin sporting Bilbo Baggins' face on one side and Queen Elizabeth II on the other.

While some coins will be available individually, the New Zealand Post has also created several collector's packs, offering different coins from the series. I could sit here and describe all of them to you, but you'd probably be better off heading over to the New Zealand Post website and taking a look for yourself. There are a lot of different options to choose from.

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