Microsoft Covering New York and San Francisco With Free Wi-Fi Access!

If you're headed to New York or San Francisco (or, you know, you happen to live there) and are in desperate need of a Wi-Fi connection, Microsoft is looking out for you. To celebrate the upcoming launch of Windows 8, the software giant has teamed up with Boingo to cover chunks of the NYC and San Francisco with free Wi-Fi access.

Beginning November 1st, Microsoft’s sponsored Wi-Fi will be available for all users of Wi-Fi enabled devices in six different Manhattan subway stations and across Wi-Fi “hotzones” covering San Francisco locations such as Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf, UN Plaza, the Financial District, Nob Hill and more. Microsoft will also sponsor Wi-Fi in more than 200 Manhattan areas.

“New York is always bustling during the holidays, and Microsoft’s sponsorship of Boingo Wi-Fi on the Transit Wireless subway wireless network will help straphangers stay connected,” said Jerry Page, MTA director of strategic initiatives. “We’ve received positive feedback from our subway riders on Boingo’s sponsored Wi-Fi, and look forward to having them continue this free service through the holidays.”

So, what's the catch? Well, Microsoft is hoping their good deed will give us some extra time to browse the new Windows Store, which launches on October 28th, and buy a copy of Windows 8. However, we all know the best uses for free Wi-Fi are Facebook status updates and watching that Twitter feed. The promotional Wi-Fi connection lasts through the end of this year.