The Daily Geek: New York Comic Con Edition – Day 3

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This week will be rounding up all the craziness that is the massive New York Comic Con!

Here we go!

MINIMATES! DST is bringing exclusive ThunderCats and Alpha Flight Minimates to the con!

ePLATE! Dark Horse is revealing “Conan: The Phantoms of the Black Coast” and a team-up of Dark Horse characters X, Ghost and Captain Midnight on the ePlate credit card device. From the official press release:

At any time, an ePlate™ user can select to use the Dark Horse experience™ application for the ePlate™ payment device. The Dark Horse application allows users to earn pages of exclusive Dark Horse comic books with each purchase. After all pages of a particular comic are obtained, the user is provided with a complete digital comic. After a certain number of digital comic books are collected, Dark Horse provides, at no cost to the user, a collectible print copy of each exclusive comic book earned, unavailable anywhere else!

CHANGE IS COMING! Check out this tease of “Wild Children” writer Alex Kot’s new comic “Change.”

MICHONNE! Grab this exclusive “Walking Dead” PVC figure at the con!

BONUS! Is this really concept art from the abandoned “Jurassic Park IV”? Because if it is…I NEED this movie to exist!

LIVE FROM NEW YORK! MTV Geek will be coming at you LIVE with tons of great interviews and more all weekend!

’Til tomorrow, gang!