The Daily Geek: New York Comic Con Edition - Day 3

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This week will be rounding up all the craziness that is the massive New York Comic Con!

Here we go!

- MINIMATES! DST is bringing exclusive ThunderCats and Alpha Flight Minimates to the con!

- ePLATE! Dark Horse is revealing "Conan: The Phantoms of the Black Coast" and a team-up of Dark Horse characters X, Ghost and Captain Midnight on the ePlate credit card device. From the official press release:

At any time, an ePlate™ user can select to use the Dark Horse experience™ application for the ePlate™ payment device. The Dark Horse application allows users to earn pages of exclusive Dark Horse comic books with each purchase. After all pages of a particular comic are obtained, the user is provided with a complete digital comic. After a certain number of digital comic books are collected, Dark Horse provides, at no cost to the user, a collectible print copy of each exclusive comic book earned, unavailable anywhere else!

- CHANGE IS COMING! Check out this tease of "Wild Children" writer Alex Kot's new comic "Change."

- MICHONNE! Grab this exclusive "Walking Dead" PVC figure at the con!

- BONUS! Is this really concept art from the abandoned "Jurassic Park IV"? Because if it is...I NEED this movie to exist!

- LIVE FROM NEW YORK! MTV Geek will be coming at you LIVE with tons of great interviews and more all weekend!

'Til tomorrow, gang!