What's New With Doctor Who: Rose Tyler Returns, Dalek Bathrobe, And Doctor Whooves

Welcome to our time-traveling, space-warping round up of all the news we could find about the world’s most popular Timelord, Doctor Who. And there’s a ton of news to get through because, remember: this article is bigger on the inside.

RUMOR! Will Rose Come Back Next Year?

With the fallow Doctor Who news period between the end of the Ponds, and the beginning of Christmas/the second half of Season Seven in full effect, the rumor mill has turned full on to next year's 50th Anniversary. You're going to see a ton of "Everybody is coming back!" news items, and the latest is that Billie Piper may make a return as Rose Tyler. When last seen, she was trapped forever in an alternate universe, makin' babies with a cloned version of David Tennnant's Doctor. Given that set of circumstances, we can't rule out anything on this show as "impossible," right? I mean, saying, "There's no way the clone of a nearly immortal time traveling alien and his wife could escape from an alternate dimension," holds any water in a debate, unless Jim Lehrer is moderating. #current

ITEM! Please Bring Doctor Who To Australia, Says Australia

Federal MP George Christensen, which is a thing in Australia we guess, has launched a campaign to bring Who to the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, and something about didgeridoos for the 50th Anniversary. Granted, he'll probably make a stop in New Zealand first, given all the talk between Peter Jackson and the Who company, but we wouldn't mind an Aussie episode either. He could be all like, "That's not a sonic screwdriver... This is a sonic screwdriver," and then put another Ood on the barbie. Anyway, thanks to all the Australian readers of MTV Geek, sorry I insulted all of you, it's been real.

AMEN! Is Doctor Who A Religion?

Only if there's some sort of weekly sermon you can check out, analyzing all the minutiae of... Ah, never mind.

LUXURIATE! Dalek Bathrobe Feels Hate, Comfiness

There's also a Fourth Doctor bathrobe, but why would you miss the opportunity to run around in a Dalek bathrobe insisting that you're really human inside, while baking soufflés?

ROCK THE VOTE! Is Doctor Who TV Guide's Fan Favorite?

Well, we won't know until the end of October, but you can head to TV Guide's Facebook page to choose what should be on their Fan Favorite cover. Making us choose between Who and FRINGE? Evil.

PONIES! Doctor Whooves Art

He's called "Timelord Sparkle," right? Cool.

SING! Sesame Street Parodies Doctor Who

Teaming up with Entertainment Weekly, Grover and Cookie Monster parody/sing about Doctor Who. Come on, how can you cut funding for these guys, right? Sigh. #alsocurrent