Uncanny Avengers, Batman, And Bloodshot: New Comics For October 10th

Just because this week is taken over by all things New York Comic Con doesn’t mean that new comics aren’t coming out. In fact, this is one of the biggest weeks of the year, as Marvel kicks off their Marvel NOW! initiative with the hotly anticipated UNCANNY AVENGERS #1.

I’ll be honest: I’ve been looking forward to this Rick Remender written, John Cassaday pencilled book more than the entirety of Avengers vs. X-Men together. Not only is the line-up interesting, mixing popular mutants with popular Avengers make something potentially even more popular; but Remender has been writing some insane storylines lately, and coupled with Cassaday, returning to comics after a long absence, this is an Event worth checking out... Even if you aren’t a regular Marvel reader.

The omega to that alpha, of course, is FANTASTIC FOUR #611, the end of Jonathan Hickman’s landmark run on the title, as well as the return of Doctor Doom. There’s also AVX: CONSEQUENCES #1, which sounds like an after-school special (“Wolverine’s been huffing paint behind the bleachers, Mr. America!”); AVENGERS #31, wrapping up Brian Michael Bendis’ also landmark run; and RED SHE-HULK #58, which launched Betty Ross into a lead role.

Over at DC Comics, it’s the kick-off to “Death of the Family,” which we’re going to have a lot more news about shortly. Suffice to say, if you like Die-Cut covers, you’re going to love BATMAN #13 and BATGIRL #13. Also, you will like them if you like good comics. Also hitting stands is PHANTOM STRANGER #1, which was about 50% enjoyable in the Zero issue, but we’re hoping writer Dan Didio channels the enjoyable throwback cheese of OMAC for this one, too.

Over at Image, we’re looking forward to two titles: HALLOWEEN EVE, and POINT OF IMPACT #1. The first is a one-shot powered by Kickstarter that looks like a fun, Halloween fueled riff on A Christmas Carol, with art by Amy Reeder. The second is a brand new mini by Jay Faerber, the great writer of Near Death and Noble Causes, among others.

Valiant also has a duo of titles to crave: ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #3, and BLOODSHOT #4. These are the two strongest titles in what’s a pretty solid line of comic books anyway. But if you’re looking for fun and action, Archer & Armstrong or Bloodshot are your books.

And finally, there’s BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 9 #14, and EVIL ERNIE #1. The former continues the rock solid run of the book, and is a must for any Whedon fans. The latter relaunches the classic property under the wing of Jesse Blaze Snider. Both are worth your precious time and dollars, so check ‘em out.

That’s it! If we survive New York Comic Con, we’ll see you next week.