'Game of Thrones' Releases The Official Season Three Cast Announcement Video

We first spied this video at "Game of Thrones" SDCC panel, but we don't think it's gone online until recently: it's the official casting announcement for GoT Season Three. That includes the big ones: the Reeds, and the Queen of Thorns:

Season 3 - New Cast Members

So for those not in the know, what's the big deal? They just rounded up the few remaining British actors who haven't appeared in HBO's hit series, and stuck them in front of a backdrop, right? Well, for fans of the books in particular, Jojen and Meera Reed were a big omission from the last season of the show. Mild spoilers, but they were present throughout the apocalyptic events at Winterfell, friends with Bran Stark, and essential companions for what comes next. Called "Frog-Eaters," and gifted with somewhat psychic abilities, the Reeds are now in the mix, though we don't know how or when.

The other huge bit of casting is Diana Rigg (Dame if you're nasty), who joins the cast as another essential character, The Queen of Thorns. And if you don't think we're not going to accidentally write "The Queen of Thrones" every time, and have to delete, you would be wrong. We'll stay mostly mum on her character, as she doesn't show up until Book Three, but Olenna Redwyne is the grandmother of Margaery Tyrell, and is a fan favorite character. Think Downtown Abbey's Dowager Countess, and then multiply it by a thousand, and you have the idea.

So who else are you excited for, fans? Thyros of Myr and his flame sword? Mackenzie Crook as Orell? Colin Firth as "Raped Peasant #486?" Regardless, you're going to have a long time to wait, as Game of Thrones doesn't premiere until March 31, 2013... Just enough time to read the books again.