NYCC 2012 Interview: Scott Snyder And Sean Murphy Release 'The Wake' For Vertigo

As promised on Thursday, we had one more little surprise from writer Scott Snyder after chatting Batman and Superman: As just announced at New York Comic Con, the prolific creator is launching a brand new miniseries through Vertigo with artist Sean Murphy titled “The Wake.”

MTV Geek: Okay Scott, what can you tell us about “The Wake?”

Scott Snyder: I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’ve been planning it for more than a year with Sean. We’ve been just trying to find the right time to work together. He’s a really dear friend outside of comics at this point. But he’s also one of the artists I admire most in the industry.

It’s an underwater horror sci-fi book that explores elements of human evolution, but also has this very big, post-apocalyptic element to it. So that’s about as far as I feel comfortable going without giving away too much.

It’s twelve issues long, and it’s a very differently structures series than I’ve ever done, and it’s the kind of series that’s going to have a lot of surprises in it’s storytelling, too. Creator-owned stuff, one of the great things about it is, it’s the place you can go to experiment. I try and do that on Batman, and on Swamp Thing. I never try and reign it in. But that’s where you can go and really sort of push the limits of your own storytelling.

This is something that’s going to be very different, the way Severed was, or the way American Vampire can often be from what I normally do in the DCU, and hopefully people like it as much as those two.

Geek: Having Sean Murphy on board, and given the underwater setting, I imagine it’ll be pretty insanely detailed.

SS: One-hundred percent. One of the things is to really create an environment underwater that feels both claustrophobic, and entirely familiar and homey, like you’ve lived there a long time. There’s another element to the book that has an incredibly broad, re-imagined world that you’ll see early in the arc. There’s both, and the thing that I love about his stuff is that it’s so expressive in an intimate way, when you see his characters...

And yet, there’s nobody better at world-building on the page, just the level of detail like you’re saying that he puts into the environments, in the background and context... And how it adds to the story, and isn’t just flat details. The way he creates things in the background that might even inform the story. I knew that he’d be the perfect person for this one, when we have to build a world from the ground up - both at the bottom of the sea, and in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The Wake hits shores in 2013 from Vertigo.