EXCLUSIVE: First Second's 'Broxo' Gets An Awesome/Adorable 'Live Action' Trailer

You guys like zombies, right? How about barbarians fighting zombies? Okay, how about semi-adorable, but still totally intense zombie fighting barbarians? Well good news: First Second has a book for you, and it's called "Broxo." But rather than listening to us crank on about it, right up above you can check out an awesome "live action" trailer for the book that'll give you the whole rundown of the plot.

Op-Ed Note: More publishers should be doing stuff like this, right? Using new media, and creative ways to use that media to sell their books, rather than just slapping some art online. Granted, we're all for a good art-slappin' here at MTV Geek, but this video is fun, and sells the book in a unique, exciting way.

"Broxo" is available now from First Second, in bookstores everywhere.

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