EXCLUSIVE: Check Out The 3-D Cover For Archaia's 'The Joyners In 3-D,' Plus Commentary!

It was teased at San Diego, and now will stand (mostly) revealed at New York Comic Con... It's "The Joyners in 3-D," the second collaboration between artist David Marquez, and writer R.J. Ryan. The ambitious 3-D graphic novel isn't officially released until 2013, but we've got your exclusive sneak peak at the cover here, as well as some notes on the process from Marquez, as well as collaborator Jon Adams.

Here's the official blurb, and art and commentary to follow!

In mid-21st century Northern California, prosperous technology executive George Joyner stands on the brink of revolutionizing life in America (again) with his latest high-flying invention. But just as business booms, George's private life begins to implode, with devastating consequences, for his wife Sonya, their children Rochester and Michelle, and Sonya's ailing father, David. Brought to life in stunning anaglyph 3-D (two pairs of glasses come enclosed with each book), The Joyners in 3D details a story of personal betrayals, industrial intrigue and sexual desire in uncompromising and visually impeccable terms. The Joyners in 3D reunites writer R.J. Ryan and Ultimate Spider-Man illustrator David Marquez, collaborators on Archaia's acclaimed graphic novel Syndrome, for which Marquez earned a 2011 Russ Manning Award nomination.

David Marquez:

"With The Joyners in 3D, we all really wanted to produce a book unlike anything else on the market—something that not only pushes us creatively, but also stands out on the shelves. On our debut book from Archaia, Syndrome, R.J. had the brilliant idea of bringing in photographer Michael Dahan to help us design the cover. The result was strikingly eye-catching. For JI3D, we wanted to take this collaborative approach to a new level, and Jon has become an integral part of the team, not only designing the cover, but also lending his prodigious design skills to the entire book.

“We spoke a great deal about wanting the cover to relate to the 3D nature of the book, ultimately settling on integrating the idea of ‘layers’ with the die-cut design we have here. My main contribution was the illustration of George and Sonya Joyner that peeks through the hole on the front cover. I wanted to establish, up front, the dynamic of these two characters—contrasting their body language, the color (an obvious nod to the red-blue anaglyph 3D used in the book), overlapping them so we're forced to notice their differences and also giving us a peek into the nature of their relationship, with Sonya literally seeing through George.

“But the real star of the cover is Jon Adams, whose design is sharply modern while still evoking the retro-’60s idealism that we draw on so heavily in the book. "

Jon Adams:

“My initial idea was for the cover to be a pop-up upon opening. It would have been a beautiful piece with Dave's art but there were some logistical problems with that, so doing a die-cut made the most sense. I wanted to convey as much 3D-ness as possible without relying on 3D glasses, and I wanted something that would look good to the naked eye. Dave was great to work with, very accommodating and flexible and he only threatened to ‘smack my bitch ass up’ once.”

"The Joyners in 3-D" will hit comic book stands and bookstores everywhere in April, 2013 from Archaia.