NYCC 2012: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning Fight Cylons For 'Battlestar Galactica'

We'll find out more about this at New York Comic Con, but here's the big news: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are heading back to space for a brand new Battlestar Galactica series. As we found out later, it picks up right where Marc Guggenheim's apocalyptic tale left off... But with a DnA twist:

MTV Geek: Just to start off, if you guys love space so much, why don’t you marry it?

DnA: Alex you’re a nut!

Geek: I'm going to take that as a definite maybe... Let’s talk Battlestar Galactica… What, to you, is so engaging about the world of Admiral Adama and company? What makes it unique?

DnA: Having grown up watching the show and reading the initial Marvel run of BSG comics, it’s a world we’re very familiar with and one that holds a special place in our formative years. As kids we were hungry for any sc-fi we could get our hands on, especially in the wake of Star Wars and we both were avid watchers of sci-fi on TV. Space 1999 and Dr Who being home-grown were great but a tad limited on budget and effects. When BSG came along, with it’s awesome, Hollywood standard FX we were blown away (it was the 1970s remember!). We were seeing space battles and laser blasters every week, it was brilliant. The central idea of a future human colony looking for their fabled home world of Earth was instantly engaging too, as were the cool characters; who couldn’t love Starbuck? And the Cylons, well, they were the best alien-robotic bad guys since the Cybermen! BSG held a unique place for us because it brought a ‘widescreen’ epic space opera to our small screens every week.

Geek: Honestly, I don’t know much about which timeline you’re playing in - though I guess technically they’re all the same timeline because history keeps repeating itself, right? Anyway, what series are you tackling here? Who are the characters?

DnA: We’re playing in the continuity Marc Guggenheim established in his Dynamite mini-series that ‘reimagined’ the world of Galactica 1980, which itself picked up the story of the colonists once they found Earth. Marc’s series took the idea of Galactic 1980 into a darker, more real world exploration of what would happen if a space fleet arrived on Earth with ‘aliens’ warning of imminent invasion by another hostile alien race. He set it against the backdrop of the last days of the Cold War and told a really compelling story of Adama’s final battle with the Cylons. And, of course he blew up the Battlestar Galactica in the first issue! We’ve proposed taking up the story an setting it in continuity but present day; so that it’s been 33 years since the events in G1980 and we get to explore how the Earth has developed and changed in that time. Just think how different the world is today from 1980- socially, politically and technologically and add into the mix the advancements brought by a benevolent alien race sharing it’s technological advancements with the planet in the ultimate open source shareware. We’ll deal with the characters from the original series, all 33 years older, as well as introducing new ones.

Geek: Was there anyone you wanted to use that’s off limits? Or a dream character you did get to use?

DnA: At this early stage we’re throwing everything out there to see what will stick and are in the process of seeing what approvals we get. We’re hoping it’s all up for grabs as it was in Marc’s original mini.

Geek: In the more recent series at least, there was the main running theme of religion versus science… Is that something you’re going to be playing with here? And if not, what theme are you going for?

DnA: Thematically, we’re not directly touching upon the religion vs science angle but more exploring what society would be like after 33 years of unprecedented scientific and technological development and how people and governments would react to actually knowing there is life beyond our planet and especially how they would deal with the knowledge that not all of it is as benevolent as the Colonials are.

Geek: Whether through nostalgia, or complications or humanity, over the course of the two series The Cylons became less of a threat… Is there a way to make them dangerous again? Or am I dumb, and they were always dangerous?

DnA: As Marc showed in the G1980 mini-series, the Cylons are very, very dangerous and totally dedicated to their mission to eradicate the human scourge from the universe. We’ll be picking up where he left off, even though after 33 years the Cylon invasion fleet was wiped out, the threat of Cylon attack on Earth has all but diminished, leading to a certain amount of complacency on the human’s part, but the Cylon’s memory is infinite as is their patience…

Geek: Hypothetical: you find out you’re a Cylon in real life. Do you immediately start killing all humans?

DnA: if you do, then it’s definitely a good sign!

Geek: Any other thoughts about the series? Things fans should be looking forward to?

DnA: We’re hoping that the story we have to tell with attract new readers and old back to the universe of the classic Battlestar Galactica and show them what we discovered all those years ago when we first saw it on TV; that it’s a fantastic, epic sci-fi saga.

Battlestar Galactica launches soon from Dynamite!