Optimus Prime And Grimlock Hoodies Make Halloween More Than Meets The Eye

Halloween is one of our most favorite holidays. Not because there's loads of candy floating around, but because we just love all the costumes (which you've probably guessed considering our cosplay obsession). Unfortunately, a lot of people don't have the time to get all dressed up on the 31st, but these Transformers costume hoodies keep things simple.

First up is the Autobot champion himself, Optimus Prime. Available from 80sTees.com, this hoodie will transform anyone into Optimus Prime as soon as they put it on. The hood was made to look just like Optimus' head and even comes complete with his mouth shield, which comes together by zipping the hoodie all the way up. It's 100% polyester and features spacious kangaroo pockets, window details and sleeve accents.

If you're looking to spend the evening dressed as the sometimes good guy, sometimes bad, mostly dumb Grimlock, you're in luck. 80sTees.com also has the perfect costume hoodie celebrating the King of the Dinobots. Much like the Optimus Prime version it sports all sorts of classic Transformers details. The most obvious is probably the hood, shaped like a robotic T-Rex, but there's also some pretty hilarious T-Rex arms attached to sleeves.

Being one of these “robots in disguise” for Halloween has never been easier and whichever character you choose will only set you back about $60.