The Time Steven Smith Appeared On 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' and Met Adam West (Not Necessarily In That Order)

MTV Geek Live's Steven Smith smack-dab in the Whedonverse...

By Steven Smith

We know I’m a big Batman fan, if you’re a fan of this column (thank you)...then you know the story about how Adam West as Batman was my first memory as child. So, with this in mind you can imagine the dance I’ve been doing when I found out Adam West was going to be at New York Comic Con AND – wait for it – I might be doing a sit down interview with his Adamajesty. The dance involves pierouettes and several kick turns if you want to be specific. And you do want to be specific. The funny thing is I met Mr. West before. Many, many moons ago I tested for a Fox sitcom pilot out in Los Angeles. I was a disheveled long-hair going in for the role of a disheveled long hair and testing for the part of eccentric town mayor was one Adam West.

Now you may think I kept my cool, concentrated on my lines, and nodded knowingly at the man who is Batman – but nope,  I jumped up and told him my Batman childhood story. Blatant fanboy. I am happy to report Adam West was so touched he gave me a hug. AND a young actress also testing happened to have a camera with her (these were the days before cameras could make phone calls) offering to take our picture. Mr. West looked around the 20 Century Fox offices and said, “Where should we take it? Oh how about here.” I look up and there’s a giant poster for "Batman the Animated Series". Pow! Holy perfect timing!

When MTV brought me in to host their coverage of the San Diego Comic Con I was overjoyed (still am) and have been readily counting the days until the extravaganza that is New York Comic Con. The caliber of guests this year rivals its sister Con in southern Cali, and seeing as how I have alreadyentertained you with the tale of Adam West I thought it fitting I include another fun story involving an NYCC guest and yours Stevenly.

Around the same time I tested for the pilot I auditioned for a television series based upon the movie "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". You may have heard of it. The role I read for went to a young actor named Eric Balfour but I did get to have a meeting with Joss Whedon. He was playing the piano at the time and I thought he was hilarious. They gave me a small role in the second episode (technically hour 2 of the premiere) where I poked my head from behind a computer and annoyed Charisma Carpenter.

Type casting! The best part was when it aired they dubbed my voice to sound like a Spicoli type surfer. But they liked me and brought me back for another episode to be a friend of Nicholas Brandon’s Xander. My character had a name and almost five lines! Stardom!

The episode was called "The Pack" and I was harassed by Xander and a crew of popular kids possessed by coyotes or wolves or some four legged predator. Hot dogs were strewn at me and my hair was awful.

But it was fun and I sincerely hope Mr. Brendon and I can sit down and reminisce of our time together. Oh, my character’s name you ask? Adam. As in Mr. West and Nicholas wouldn’t know me from.

Steven Smith has been counting the days to NYCC (he doesn’t get out much), his podcast Going Off Track just got added to Stitcher, and if you’re at New York Comic Con come say hi!

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