MorrisonCon Diaries Day 2: Grant Morrison And The Meaning Of Life

Grant Morrison on his couch (photo by Pat Loika)

MTV Geek special correspondent Ali Colluccio gives you an inside look at the much-talked about and enigmatic MorrisonCon. This series documents her MorrisonCon "diary" day-by-trippy-day...

I hate early. Must kill early.

Luckily the MorrisonCon crew gave us a great reason to drag ourselves out of bed: free breakfast and a Chris Burnham sketch jam! For an hour the "Batman Inc." artist drew sketches for the audience. There was everything from Judge Dredd on the toilet, to Grant Morrison as Doctor Who, to a very satisfied God of Thunder.

Chris Burnham draws Judge Dredd (photo by Pat Loika)

Next up was an open Q&A with Grant Morrison in which he answered absolutely everything that was asked. This is what we learned from the Man, Myth, and Legend:

- The fifth dimension is blue and infinite

- Never take ecstasy on a plane

- Morrison uses Gillette G3 razors to shave his head

- Peter Carroll’s thin volumes are some of the best and most concise books on chaos magicks

- Hopefully a few of the cut chapters from "Supergods" may end up online

- Eventually the smartphones will take over the world and we’ll all be connected in ways we wouldn’t think imaginable

One of the many wonderful things about MorrisonCon was how loose and open its format was. People were constantly walking back and forth between the panels and the other rooms at the convention. Special signing areas were set up where fans could not only get autographs or sketches with the creators, but they could sit down at a small table and actually chat with them.

Darick Robertson playing the guitar (photo by Pat Loika)

The Lounge was a large ballroom space with roundtables and bars at either end. It was a place to hang out and chat with whoever happened to be in there: like Darick Robertson plucking on his guitar. The Salon area contained pages and pages of artwork by J.H. Williams III, Frank Quitely and Chris Burnham. Some of the most gorgeous comics art I’ve seen on display. Never before have I wanted so much to be an international cat burglar.

When all was said and done, MorrisonCon really was a once in an unforgettable experience. Huge props to the MorrisonCon organizers. James Sime, Kirsten Baldock, and Ron Richards, along with their fantastic crew, ran the event like a well-oiled machine. I’m sure it took an enormous amount of effort behind the scenes for MorrisonCon to run so smooth and fluid.

MorrisonCon organizers James Sime and Ron Richards, with J.H. Williams III (photo by Pat Loika)

There haven’t been any announcements yet about whether another show like this will happen next year. But if it does, you can be sure I’ll check it out. You should do the same.

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