First Look Review: 'The Walking Dead' Series 2 TV-Based Figures From McFarlane Toys

Season 3 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" roams its way onto TV October, 14th, so what better time to bring you a closer look at the latest set of show-based action figures from McFarlane Toys?! Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, The Bicycle Girl Zombie (from season 1), the R.V. Zombie, and the Well Zombie make up the latest assortment and are just as putrid and show accurate as the last ones. I'm packing all five figures into this one measly review, so make sure to scroll all the way through for a ton of gore-filled, plastic goodness!

The packaging for the line continues the basic design set by series 1 and, unlike a lot of other action figure lines on the shelves, doesn't waste a ton of space with an unnecessarily huge card. All of the necessary information is mostly contained within the plastic blister in the guise of the massive logo from the show on the left, the name of the figure below, and the action figure poised to the right. The back of the blister is somewhat disappointing, but expected since, also like series 1, only photos of the figures from the wave appear on the package without any bios or story additions.

Rick Grimes

This is Rick's second figure from the show and third if you count the comic version - well fifth if you also add in the black & white variants of each as well. So, he's one popular Kentuckian (kinda like yours truly) and this figure is the best one to date! The laser-scanned face sculpt is spot-on and the mostly pre-posed stance gives him the right posture to mimic Andrew Lincoln's portrayal as a leader of the small band of survivors. The paint is very well done, including the facial detailing and the random blood/spit/piss combo that has found itself splattered all over his t-shirt.

Articulation includes a ball-joint head, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, swivel/hinge wrists, swivel waist, swivel thighs, and swivel feet. Sadly, the statue-like sculpt of the figure does cause him to suffer greatly in the legs when it comes to articulation. This is really the biggest drawback to the Rick figure, but is even more apparent on the other figures in the line. His weapons include a Colt Python (that can fit in the belt holster), a Zombie-Wranglin' Pole, and a scoped rifle. Extra hands are included so he can better hold each of the weapons.

Shane Walsh

Shane sure was a bastard in the show, and is now *SPOILER ALERT* a dead bastard. In remembrance of his jerk-filled ways, McFarlane has sculpted Shane in all of his jaw-clenched, open-shirted glory - clutching a shotgun and storming towards some problem he has obviously decided to fix with violence and rash thinking! Way to go! In all seriousness though, this figure does look pretty great...even though it's practically a statue due to its dynamic posing.

He's wearing the shirt, boots and pants from his time as a cop and the sculpting captures the right textures and wrinkles of the fabric. The paint has been overlaid with drybrushing and washes to help add a layer of "dirt" to the figure along with someone's blood on his left hand. The paint is excellent overall, but his eyebrows seem a little off somehow. Maybe too thick? Too Muppet-like? I'm not entirely sure, so I guess this will warrant another screening of season 2. When it comes to articulation, Shane suffers more than even the zombies with only his ball-jointed head and swivel shoulders, swivel waist, and swivel thighs to keep him out of harm's way. Still, when he's got that shotgun aimed (his sole accessory), the toy looks pretty damn good.

Bicycle Girl Zombie

This is the only figure that comes from Season 1, and she only appears in the very first episode! Yep, this is the zombie that had her bicycle stolen by a half-naked Rick Grimes - only to be fatally gunned down by him later. That poor, lipless woman! The Bicycle Girl Zombie is definitely more about the action feature than practicality. She can't be removed from her grassy base, but it's for a good reason. She has a plastic bar attached to her side, so when you push the plunger on the back of the grass-covered platform she lunges forward with an outstretched arm. Huzzah for nightmare fuel! The sculpt and paint work together to make the figure easily recognizable as the slowly crawling, brain-munching machine. Her jeans can be placed over her exposed pelvis to give the appearance of legs as they are simply a hollow shell. She also comes with a broken Blackberry. Not sure why, but it's kind of awesome.

R.V. Zombie

This guy is one popular zombie! He's been featured as the special edition case for season 2 of "The Walking Dead", a Funko POP Vinyl figure, and now as this figure from McFarlane Toys! Seems like taking a screwdriver to the eye leaves a good impression on people! This figure is far more traditional than the Bicycle Girl, in the way that he can stand and has basic articulation. His big claim to fame is definitely his action feature, though. The screwdriver can be stabbed into the bloody, open left eye socket and his head torn back from his body thanks to a hinge in the back of his neck.

The sculpt of the figure is nice with the rotted skin and clothing having very different textures and looks to set them apart from one another. The paint job is a little "muddy" but can definitely be forgiven since zombies aren't exactly known for keeping their clothes clean and also have a penchant for crawling through the muck as their bludgeoned about the head and neck by regular humans. Articulation-wise, the R.V. Zombie is equipped with swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged wrists, swivel waist, & swivel hips. The figure holds all of his positions well, but there aren't exactly a lot of options in that regard either.

Well Zombie

Last, but certainly not least, is this big pile of rancid meat known as the Well Zombie. Nothing makes water taste better than having this bloated corpse floating around in it beforehand! This chunk of a toy has an obvious and jagged seam around the circumference of his chest that is held together by only two pegs. This makes it easy and fun to tear him completely in half, exposing his innards for all the world to see! The rope coming off his back has been glued in place and matches the look of the sculpt so it appears as if he's been lassoed. It is made of a rubbery plastic so it can stretch and hold the weight of the figure without breaking, although I feel like I wouldn't want to put it to the test for too long. The figure breaks into two pieces easily and the included intestines can be simply inserted into the lower half to complete the look.

The sculpt of the figure is a thing of hideous beauty, and the Well Zombie still manages to sport some nice arm articulation. All together he has a swivel neck, ball-joint shoulders, swivel/hinge elbows, & swivel/hinge wrists. There is no articulation below the waist whatsoever. I had a problem with the right arm popping off at the shoulder when rotated down, but it is easily pushed back on to the ball-joint. Still, that's definitely something to watch out for and worried me the first time it happened. The only accessory the figure comes with in package (besides his extra entrails) was the ham that the gang wrapped in fish hooks and rope in order to trick the fat freak into reaching up with his arms. It's ridiculous, and highly detailed, and I can't wait to randomly pose my figures chowing down on this hook-laden feast!

While I'm a sucker for articulation, these figures from "The Walking Dead" are still pretty impressive and will surely be exactly what most fans of the hit show have been dying for. Who amongst you can deny the desire to own a shirtless Shane figure? A liar, that's who! All 5 of these toys will be hitting stores very, very soon so be sure to keep an eye out - or just place a pre-order through your favorite online retailer. Thanks go out to McFarlane Toys for sending these along, and be sure to check out their official website for all the updates and sneak peeks of upcoming zombie-infested toys!

As promised, below is a collection of photos from "The Walking Dead" Series 2:

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