'The Goon' Halloween Mask Reminds The Undead Who's Boss!

Halloween is right around the corner and while everyone's doing their best to look like a deteriorating member of the undead, I'll be dressing up as the one thing the undead horde truly fears – The Goon! With a feature film on the way (hopefully!) from creator Eric Powell there's never been a better time to show your love for The Goon, and this mask is just what the zombie doctor ordered.

Brought to life by the fine folks at Trick or Treat Studios, the Goon mask you see above is the first and only officially licensed Halloween mask based on Eric Powell and Dark Horse's "The Goon". It is modeled to be an exact replica of character we see in the comic books and the upcoming CGI film. And, unlike many Halloween masks found in stores, this thing covers your entire head, flawlessly pulling off mob enforcer/zombie basher look.

It's clear the team at Trick or Treat Studios are big fans of "The Goon" and their fondness for the character shows through detail in this mask. Every wrinkle and scar is there and they obviously spent a lot of time making sure their Goon mask looked just right. For $60, you'll definitely be getting your money's worth.

While the Trick or Treat Studios website would probably be the best place to get your hands on the mask, there are plenty of brick and mortar stores, including Target, offering the mask as well. I'm sure your seasonal Halloween retailer will have them.

VMAs 2018