And Then There Was The TMNT-Themed 'Gagnam Style' Video

...guest starring Vanilla Ice.

We've now reached "Gagnam Style" singularity here, people: the "TMNT" comic that started as a parody of "Daredevil" before becoming a much-copied pop cultural phenomenon. Now it's back on TV, and has a parody video featuring celebrities poking fun at a video which was itself a sendup of capitalist excesses in South Korea.

Anyway, Nickelodeon is celebrating the return of the Turtles to TV with this video featuring the "Cool As Ice" star, along with gossip critter Perez Hilton and some dancing regular folks in the Nick offices.

We are easily on our way to the "Macarena"-ing of PSY's surprise hit song. One month... maybe six weeks.

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