Which Iconic DC Character Was Almost A Part Of George R.R. Martin's 'Wildcards'?

MTV Geek chatted with "Game Of Thrones" creator George R.R. Martin and acclaimed author Neil Gaiman at Worldcon 2012 recently...and the two revealed some very interesting backstory behind Martin's "Wildcards" anthology!

Martin had orginally invited Alan Moore to participate in "Wildcards" -- but the writer, who was working on "Watchmen" at the time, never responded! However, another young comic creator named "Neil" was interested in contributing to "Wildcards," and pitched a character that would go one to be one of the most famous in comic book history!

Watch the video to find out who this character was, and get the whole story directly from Martin & Gaiman themselves!

Worldcon 2012: George R.R. Martin and Neil Gaiman On 'Wildcards'