JMS And The Wachowskis Developing TV Project

J. Michael Straczynski and The Wachowskis (who now, according to Andy Wachowski are to be known as "Wachowski Starship") are shopping a pilot for a series called "Sense8" from Straczynski's newly formed Studio JMS.

The plot is being kept tightly under wraps but according to a Variety report, keeps with the siblings' "unusual storytelling" stylings. The Wachowskis have collaborated on several spec scripts for the show are expected to direct some of the episodes while all 3 collaborators will serve as showrunners.

Marc Rosen, a producer on "Sense8" told Variety:

This is the kind of project that our company was set up to produce -- an idea so big in size and scale that it doesn't make sense to try it as a pilot. The only way to let the filmmakers realize their vision on something like this is to do multiple episodes.

JMS is currently working on several titles for DC's "Before Watchmen" series and has many more projects in the hopper under his Studio JMS banner. The Wachowskis are set to see the release of the mightily ambitious, and reportedly wonderful "Cloud Atlas" in theaters on October 26.

[Source: Variety]