Ticket to Ride Celebrates Halloween With Custom Train Pack

Feeling in a spooky mood? After last week's map pack announcement, I don't think anyone was expecting more Ticket to Ride news, especially on such short notice. But Days of Wonder is full of surprises, and the publisher has unveiled the Halloween Freighter train pack. A pumpkin-themed set of 45 trains and 3 stations will hit hobby gaming stores by the end of the month, and retail for $12.

The Halloween Freighter pack doesn't add any new form of gameplay to Ticket to Ride, it simply lets you switch out your standard pieces for the more festive orange set. Since stations are included, the Halloween Freighter is compatible with all Ticket to Ride games including the game's more advance Europe version.

I hope those pumpkins are to scale, because somebody's got a blue ribbon winner in there.

It's not entirely unlike Days of Wonder to release an unexpected expansion such as this. After all, we're only two years removed from the Alvin and Dexter pack that let a giant dinosaur and an alien ship wreak havoc on players' Ticket to Ride maps.

The only question now is what will they think of next? Thanksgiving is only right around the corner, and I'm fully prepared to ride the turkey train all the way to victory.

I posed the question to Twitter, and the crowds see future custom trains as ripe territory for licenses. Responses covered a wide range, from kid-friendly fare such as the Polar Express, Thomas the Tank Engine, or Harry Potter's Hogwarts train, to more adult-oriented trains including Danny DeVito's "Throw Momma From the Train" pack, Steven Segal's "Under Siege" pack, and of course, Soul Train. I think we've gone far enough.