Crowdfunded Harvey Pekar Statue Getting Dedication Ceremony

Last year, Harvey Pekar's widow and frequent collaborator, Joyce Brabner, took to Kickstarter with the aim of funding a statue in honor of the late, great comic creator in his Cleveland stomping grounds. That campaign, which went well in excess of its $30,000 goal in a little over two weeks, is now coming to fruition as the statue of Harvey is getting dedicated on October 14th out in front of the Lee Road branch of the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library.

The bronze statue was designed by sculptor Justin Coulter, and is a fitting tribute to the mind behind "American Splendor." That Harvey's being celebrated out in front of a library shows a lot of love for a creator who did so much to bring wider awareness to comics, particularly the autobio.

You can check out an early, miniature version of the statue over on the Kickstarter page, along with its pitch video.

[Source: USA Today]