Urban Outfitters Ditches Cash Registers For iPad and iPod Touch

First it was planes and now it's retail stores. Urban Outfitters recently revealed that the clothing and accessory chain is going all Apple. That's right, Urban Outfitters CIO Calvin Hollinger recently revealed that the stores will soon begin replacing their standard cash registers with iPads.

According to a report from Business Insider, Hollinger had the following to say on the subject:

"Two or three weeks ago, we placed our very last register order... once we make sure this iPad works.. all stores will be equipped with iPod touches and iPads."

The iPads will be located at a counter just as the cash registers were before and will sit on a swivel stand allowing customers to enter personal information, sign up for mailing lists, etc. One reason for the switch is cost. While Apple devices aren't usually referred to as cheap, an iPad is apparently only 1/5th the cost of a cash register, and we all know how much more they can do.

While iPads clear up space at the counters, employees working the floor will also be getting a bit of an upgrade in the form iPod touches, which I assume will allow them to retrieve pricing info and more for customers. Let's just hope the stores still accept cash after their big switch.

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