MorrisonCon Diary Day 0: "Through The Looking Glass"

MTV Geek special correspondent Ali Colluccio gives you an inside look at the much-talked about and enigmatic MorrisonCon. This series documents her MorrisonCon "diary" day-by-trippy-day...

How do I even start to describe MorrisonCon?

Billed as a once in a lifetime event for comics fans, MorrisonCon is a boutique comic convention. Carefully curated and very exclusive, fans put down quite a bit of money to come to the Hard Rock Las Vegas for what’s been promised to be an unforgettable weekend.

Comics legend Grant Morrison is joined by Robert Kirkman, Darick Robertson, Jason Aaron, Jim Lee, Gerard Way, Jonathan Hickman, Frank Quitely J.H. Williams III, and Chris Burnham, with a variety of special surprise guests. The whole event is designed to be an intimate conversation with some raucous parties to follow.

In general, it feels like everyone’s brought their A-Game. From the how everyone’s dressed to the free swag to Day 0 events. The vibe here is just complete and utter cool. And everyone’s running with it.

MorrisonCon: The Venue

The Hard Rock Hotel, and Las Vegas itself, is really a fantastic choice of venue. People are more amped up when they’re in Vegas. They’re hungry for entertainment. And the rock and roll decadence of the Hard Rock is a great fit for this collection of comic book rock stars.

Registration was a pretty quick process. The lines was manageable and the swag really quite fantastic. Each attendee gets the usual pass and lanyard, but we also get a MorrisonCon tote bag with a Filmore-esque poster for the event, a variant cover copy of "Happy" #1, and a program. The program is a hard-cover book with plenty of empty pages for sketches. And instead of cheap glossy page, it’s filled with heavy paper designed to look like bristol board. The production on this thing is gorgeous.

MorrisonCon: The Swag

Just about everyone here is dressed up (and I don’t mean that in a cosplay kind of way). There’s very few jeans and t-shirts and a lot more button-down shirts, suits, dresses and hats. It’s a stylish crowd.

The event for the first evening was billed as “Grant Morrison teams up with Gerard Way and James Dewees of My Chemical Romance for The Con -a thirty minute spoken-word piece with music: part short story, part history, part occult ritual”. I felt like this kind of thing could have been very good or very bad.

I’m pleased to report it was less Mike Myers’ "So I Married an Axe Murderer" coffee house beat poetry, and a lot more "Through the Looking Glass," with Las Vegas as Wonderland and a character called Walter Lee as its Alice. If there was ever a doubt that Morrison is THE Rock Star of comics, his performance proved it. The crowd ate up every word and gladly followed him through this weird journey. Gerard Way’s space-age music was the perfect complement to Morrison’s trippy tale.

MorrisonCon: The Main Dude Himself

The stage has been very well set for MorrisonCon. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

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