Peter, Stewie, Brian And Seth MacFarlane To Host The Oscars

"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane has been pegged to don the tux once worn by Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Chris Rock and others as the host of the 85th Academy Awards.

Betcha didn't know they all wore the same tux, did ya?*

MacFarlane recently made a big impact in the movie world by writing/directing and voicing the summer hit "Ted."

He just came off an "SNL" hosting gig where he proved he has what it takes to anchor the 95 hour-long program by charmingly singing, skitting, and talking out of his own face, rather than through that of a dog or demented baby.

The big show airs February 24th, 2013, on ABC.

MacFarlane fans have new seasons of "Family Guy," "American Dad," "The Cleveland Show," and an upcoming live action number...all on FOX.

*They don't.

[Source: Deadline Hollywood]

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