NYCC 2012: Deadpool Gets "Killustrated" For Cullen Bunn

Announced yesterday at the Diamond Retailers Breakfast, next year Deadpool isn't going to just kill the Marvel Universe... He's going after your favorite literary icons, too. From writer Cullen Bunn comes a four issue mini-series titled DEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED, which takes the Merc With a Mouth through the pages of Moby Dick, Sherlock Holmes, Little Women, and Dracula to wreck bloody vengeance. Here's the latest from New York Comic-Con:

MTV Geek: First of all, spoiler for the end of "Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe," but you guys were left in a pretty pickle... How'd you get out of that, let alone write another comic?

Cullen Bunn: What few people realize is that I am a Krav Maga master, having taken something like three weeks worth of classes, so Deadpool really didn’t stand a chance against me. Jordan, Dalibor, and Axel did fall victim to mean ol’ Deadpool, though, so raise your glasses to them. Everywhere you’ve seen their name since then… that’s been me... doing a kind of Cyrano de Bergerac meets Weekend at Bernie’s hustle.

Actually, Deadpool’s learning that the multiverse is a tricky place. He killed one version of me… maybe Earth 260-blah-blah-blah Cullen… but there are countless other versions of me out there. Hmm. Thinking it that way… with endless Cullens running around… the multiverse is a really handsome place.

But Deadpool’s looking for the one TRUE creative team, the progenitors who have created all the other comic book stories, all the alternate comic book universes. That’s who he’s trying to stop. Getting to them, though, is a problem. They are well hidden. It’s this dilemma that sets Deadpool loose on a whole new batch of characters.

Geek: With that previous book, there was over the top ridiculousness, but a real sense of sadness, too... Is that something we're going to see again? Or is this all goofy, all the time?

CB: Going into the first series, I knew I wanted to do something that, while ridiculous, had this grim resonance. I wanted it to be a really dark comedy. The new series is a continuation of that storyline, so the same dark, menacing undercurrent will be there. Yes, the situation seems even more preposterous… I mean, he goes head to massive head with Moby Dick in the first issue… And there will be plenty to laugh at. But Deadpool means serious business, and this is him at his most fatalistic.

Geek: I have to imagine there's a bit of skewering of the mash-up novel genre itself going on here...

CB: That wasn’t really a goal when I set out. It wasn’t until I was finished outlining the series that I thought of those classics-meet-the-monster books. After the fact, I realized this story may fit into that mold… if that mold was even more awesome. Here, Deadpool is the monster, and he’s literally “mashing up” all of the classic characters he can find.

Geek: So what's the gameplan for DP: is he still trying to destroy all realities, or is there a more specific motive for going after the book characters?

CB: Deadpool’s plan hasn’t changed. He still wants to destroy the Marvel Universe… every version of the Marvel Universe. As this series gets started, we’ll get a glimpse of how that’s been going for him. In this tale, though, Deadpool gets the notion that the best way to destroy all the heroes and villains in these countless realities is to destroy the characters and stories that served as the inspiration for the Marvel Universe.

So… he finds his way into this “Ideaverse” where the classic stories are unfolding, and he sets out to destroy them.

He’s like the Terminator and all those literary icons are Sarah Connor. The Marvel Universe, in this analogy are John Connor. Unborn John Connor. Not Eddie Furlong John Connor.

Geek: Who poses a bigger challenge to DP, Sherlock Holmes, or Little Women? Or Renfield?

CB: That’s a judgment call readers will have to make. I’ll tell you that Deadpool will encounter all of the characters you mentioned.

It’s funny, because as Deadpool sets out on this killing spree, he thinks to himself: “I’ve managed to kill the greatest super heroes and super villains who have ever lived. These stodgy old literary characters are gonna be a cake walk.” And then these classic characters proceed to give him an old school beat down the like of which Deadpool has never, ever seen.

Geek: Be honest: is this the most reading you've had to do to write a comic ever?

CB: There has been a fair amount of research, but my college years were spent in an endless stream of literature classes, so I was excited about this project. I can finally put all that knowledge to work!

Geek: I'm kind of hoping we see Deadpool jump into different art styles as well... Was there any talk of that, or will it stay consistent throughout?

CB: I think you’ll see a consistent art style throughout the series, but it will have its own look and feel that sets it apart from Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. Matteo Lolli is drawing the series, and his depiction of the bloodshed and carnage walks the perfect line between horrific and comical.

And the covers! I was so thrilled when I saw Michael del Mundo’s covers. They were EXACTLY what I hoped for when I first started outlining the series.

Geek: For fans who hate learnin'... How much learnin' are we going to have to do to "get" this series?

CB: Oh, you mean the learnin’-adverse? I think there are certainly Easter eggs for people who know their classic characters, but I’m writing this in such a way that you won’t need a classic literature degree in order to enjoy the story. But… seriously… how awesome is it that a Deadpool book might be a little educational?

Geek: Any final thoughts for fans? Deadpool is still coming for them too, right?

CB: You know that lit professor you have? The one starts every class by proudly reciting lines from Beowulf in Old English… the one who gives you the stink-eye when you fall asleep in class… the one who scoffs at you for reading—gasp!—comic books? This is the book that will send him right over the edge. In fact, my suggestion is for you to go ahead and buy a copy for everyone in the English Department and hand them out. You’ll be the hero of your classmates!

Really, though, if you’re taking a lit class, I’m pretty much handing you the perfect topic for your term paper with this book.

And Deadpool IS coming after fans... eventually… but he’ll show mercy to those who buy this series.

DEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED #1 launches in January from Marvel Comics.