Bridge Direct Reveals More 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' Figures On The Day Of The Lines Release

Today's the day! Yep, October 1st 2012 is the day that action figures and other toys from The Bridge Direct's "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" begin hitting stores-- and I start my epic quest to find them! Granted, by "epic quest", I mean "driving to Wal-Mart and hanging my head in disappointment when they aren't there", but it does mean that, much like Bilbo I'll have to journey outside the confines of my comfortable home on this rainy October afternoon. Before I trek out into the wilderness in search for trolls and dwarves, here's a look at sets previously unseen by mortal eyes: Legolas & Tauriel, and Thorin & the Troll King!

Legolas Greenleaf and Tauriel

This two-pack confirms Legolas' added role in the new film, but also looks like he takes on a more ceremonial role rather than that of a fighter as seen in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy-- since it seems like fighting in a get up like that would surely constrict movement. Tauriel is further proof that this line of 3.75" figures could eventually go the route of Hasbro's Star Wars line and include more ancillary characters rather than just the main cast and monsters. I totally approve of this move. My wallet does not.

3.75” SCALE ACTION FIGURE 2-PACKS These pairings of 3.75" scale action figures are available in four styles: Bilbo and Gollum, Balin and Dwalin, Kili and Fili, and Legolas Greenleaf and Tauriel, with both Balin and Tauriel being EXCLUSIVE to the 2-Packs at this scale in this series. Suggested Retail: $14.99

Thorin Oakenshield and The Goblin King

This two-pack will mark the millionth Thorin figure in the line so far. Okay, so maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's obvious he takes center stage in the film and Bridge Direct is doing their damndest to make sure everyone has a chance to own the leader of the party. Luckily, the figure is incredibly well done and will probably still be hard to come by. The Troll King has a face you just wanna lick...if you like licking cauliflower and tumors. (I'm not judging you!) He's massive and helps to justify some of that larger pricetag.

3.75” SCALE FIGURE BATTLE PACK One of the biggest and baddest creatures faces off with a key hero in this 3.75" scale action figure battle pack featuring the Goblin King and Thorin Oakenshield. Each figure replicates the facial features, clothing, weapons and accessories of the character in authentic detail. Suggested Retail: $29.99

For more on "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" action figures, be sure to check out the Bridge Direct's official website.

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