WizKids Announces Marvel HeroClix Fan Vote Winner, Previews DC Batman Set

The candidate entry for Death's Head in WizKid's contest. Click to zoom.

After several rounds of voting spanning many weeks, Marvel HeroClix fans had narrowed the "Fan Decision 2012" to three characters: Ghost Rider, Sleepwalker, and Death's Head. Fan forum polling had put Sleepwalker in the lead, but Death's Head pulled out a narrow upset, winning over his closest competitor by less than a hundred votes. The victory may have been tight, but it did not eclipse last year's DC HeroClix fan vote, where Big Barda won with less than 50 votes over second place, and less than 100 votes over third.

Death's Head will now be included in an upcoming 2013 Marvel HeroClix set. The "freelance peacekeeping agent," has quite an interesting backstory, as he was originally introduced through Marvel's Transformers comics. Although Death's Head has had several incarnations, the candidate art used by WizKids leads us to believe we'll see the classic version of this character immortalized in HeroClix form.

Meanwhile, WizKids has been rolling out steady previews for their upcoming DC HeroClix Batman set, where previous fan vote winner Big Barda will make her appearance. While the set focuses on Batman and his related cast of characters, plenty of other DC icons are set to make an appearance. The most pleasant surprise of this bunch is the introduction of the Wildcats team. So far, Warblade and Grifter have been revealed, but more Wildcats characters are expected to follow. What's also great to see is that these characters are appearing in their classic costumes.