Exclusive: Be Haunted By This Phil Jimenez Variant Cover For 'Ghosts'!

It  wouldn't be the Halloween season without some good ghost stories, and Vertigo aims to deliver with the comics anthology "Ghosts." Hitting stores on October 31st, "Ghosts" features stories by Jeff Lemire, Paul Pope, Gilbert Hernandez, David Lapham, the late Joe Kubert, Geoff Johns and even our our MTV Style editor Mary K. Choi!

Feast your eyes on the exclusive first look at the "Ghosts" variant cover by Choi's partner on her story, superstar artist Phil Jimenez:

Choi commented on the process of coming up with the cover with Jimenez:

"Phil is obviously a total dreamboat when it comes to building lush, and unnervingly off-kilter visuals and so he's awesome at layering that pastiche of the bananas, baroque world that these two live in. The cover is actually inspired by the fact that at the time I was writing this, I was also exhuming vintage episodes of MTV's House of Style at my day job and there's this iconic series of pictures shot by Helmut Newton of Cindy Crawford in Monaco where she's sprawled on the stage of a ballroom and being serenaded by blindfolded musicians.

Helmut talks in that quintessentially off-hand Helmut way about how the especially monied would hire these people to provide music during orgies and would keep their eyes covered on some, "upstairs/downstairs" notion of separation and decency. So basically, were it not for the talent of Phil, the pervy-ness of Helmut and the fact that I watch so much television and have no problem borrowing heavily from creators far greater than I am, this cover would not exist."

"Ghosts" arrives in stores on October 31st

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