Power-Con/ThunderCon 2012: Mattel Reveals 3 Upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics Figures

The Mattel panel during Power-Con/ThunderCon 2012 proved to reveal more than just he mind-blowingly awesome announcement of Castle Grayskull. In fact, the build up to to that news was ramped up with the reveal of 3 more figures to hit the Masters of the Universe Classics Club Eternia subscription in 2013: Snake Face, Octavia, and Karatii! Each of the 3 figures come from different aspects of the MotU-verse, including the less-than-loved New Adventures Of He-Man animated series. Read on for a closer look at the 3 figures as they were displayed at Power-Con!

Snake Face

Easily the most recognizable of the three reveals, Snake Face adds even more muscle and cunning to the ranks of the Snake Men. It seems like just yesterday people were bitching about the lack of that faction compared to the others, and now it seems like they are slithering their way into practically every month of releases!

Snake Face has a number of cool accessories to recreate his vintage action feature... of snakes coming out of his face, naturally. He has a second head, a recreation of his vintage shield, and two extra snakes that can replace to plates on his chest armor so it looks like even more snakes are hidden within his scaly frame!


The second female member of the Horde to be released in the MOTUC line, she also has the distinction of being a Filmation-based character which Mattel finally scored the rights to last year. The Princess of Power figures didn't have a large run like their MOTU counterparts, so it's good to see the Filmation characters bolstering their ranks.

Octavia will have four separate tentacles that can be attached to her back, along with swords each arm can wield. Toy Guru made sure to inform fans that they would be unattached in the package so there will be no screw ups from the factory on these being in their proper order.


Thanks to my general shunning of The New Adventures of He-Man, I've got crap-all idea who Karatii is. All that I do know is this figure puts me in the mindset of a Predator or intergalactic bounty hunter-- or a bounty hunting Predator. In the display case, he only had his single blade. This will probably change as the figure continues into production, so I hope for a number of other pain-inducing implements.

For more on Mattel's line of incredible He-man related figures, be sure to check out the Matty Collector website!

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